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Seize the Day!

Today is the day to make a decision.


The pandemic has been devastating and will leave a lasting impact on everyone.  What are you going to do at this moment in your life?


It's not time to give up, it's time to dig in! If we haven't learned anything in the last 12 months, we learned time waits for no one. 

Today is the day to make a decision to go after your dream of what your life should look like. No one can hold you back...but you can. Need help with action? What about accountability? Or is it focusing your vision?

Call or email me. We'll talk first and see if my style of coaching works for you. I'm the cheerleader type and I want YOU to believe that you can do ANYTHING! I promise you'll learn something about yourself, whether we work together or not, so it's win, win!

Email or call (469) 415-2444  today to stop putting your dreams on hold. Tomorrow isn't promised so let's get to it today. Carpe Diem!

How I Can Help You?

Who hasn't experienced a set back, disappointment or some obstacle that changed the rhythm of their lives? Or it could be transitioning to a new job, returning to school or some other thing that has you wondering,"Can I do it?" I KNOW you can because I help people improve their lives. How?

Coaching is a results-oriented process. Whether it's your personal life or in business, planning, setting goals and working hard to achieve them are part of the formula for SUCCESS. 

But you'll also get a partner in achieving your personal or professional goals and dreams. Some one who listens, motivates, supports but also holds you accountable to the commitments you've agreed to. My coaching is a wake up call and a reality sandwich!

A bit much for you? Don't let fear make you think twice. It will be exciting because you'll be seeing the change you desire and achieving the goals you have set! And it will all be done with a side of love, because I love helping everyone of my clients.  Your success is my success.


Are you in? Still on the fence? No problem, I'm here when you're ready.

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Tammie is very passionate about helping others figure out their career and/or life goals. I was impressed by her organizational and professional approach. The way she was able to help me to put my ideas and goals into perspective has been so effective. I am definitely on the road to fulfilling my purpose. Thanks Tammie!

- Keisha, Lead Accountant