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Finding Happiness Starts With You

(In Person and Virtual Sessions Available)

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Ready for something new?

Need the motivation to chase

that dream? Thinking of starting a new career and lacking the motivation to make it happen?

Start here.

Learn more about the

5-week Professional Success Program!

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Personal Coaching

 No energy? Feeling lost?

Need help finding you again?

Or help with staying focused and motivated to keep going?

 We have programs that will make it happen for YOU!

Learn about Mom-stakes, a program for Moms, or our Personal

Success program!

How Can I Help?

Who hasn't experienced a setback, disappointment, or obstacle that changed their lives?

Maybe transitioning to a new job, returning to school, or something that has you

wondering, "Can I do it?"

Yes, you can, and here's how.

Coaching is a results-oriented process. Whether in your personal life or business, planning, setting goals, and working hard to achieve them are part of the formula for SUCCESS. 

Sometimes you need a little hope, some added focus, and a partner who believes you can achieve your personal or professional goals. Someone

who listens, motivates, and supports but also

holds you accountable. 


Are you in? Still on the fence? Don't let doubt keep you from your goals. Call me, and let's talk freely and discuss your goals and how I can help. You deserve the best in life, and no one is getting any younger.  Let this be the day change starts to happen for you. I'll be here when you're ready.

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What did they think?

"Tammie is very passionate about helping others figure out their career and/or life goals. I was impressed by her organizational and professional approach. The way she was able to help me to put my ideas and goals into perspective has been so effective. I am definitely on the road to fulfilling my purpose. Thanks Tammie!" 

                                    - Keisha, Lead Accountant

"This is why I hired YOU. When we spoke on the phone, I could tell that you just “got me” & understood my personality and that you were the one to help me bring focus to my life because right now, I’m ready to NOT just be the mom and taxi driver for my kids!!" 

                                   - KS, Stay-at-Home Mother

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