Finding Happiness in Purpose and Passion

After choosing to stay home to raise our two children, a smooth transition back to work would be harder than I could ever imagine. Analysis paralysis restricted me from thinking it was possible to do anything more than "mom", a title I had perfected and prided myself in for more than a decade. Facing life and death daily as a ER/trauma nurse, fear should have been the last thing on my mind yet the thought of returning to work left me questioning could I handle the corporate world again.  Uncertainty shrouded my goals and a new role outside of that of mom was intimidating and certainly holding my happiness captive. I knew I had so much to offer and my thoughts revolved daily around helping others help themselves. I'd enjoyed my time as a nurse but wanted to have a greater impact by changing in others what had successfully hindered me, my mindset. Finding a good coach helped change my life. Realistically, it took a while to find the right one because not all coaches are worth the time or money. Period. Yes, I said it.  Thinking back, it took much longer than I liked and was far more mentally challenging then what I'd expected, but in the end, I'd found my purpose and my passion. I had to just believe in it and not give up when the challenges arose and, believe me, that occurred quite often.

Having read and/or trained under the practices of Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy and countless other leaders, I warmly welcome working through obstacles with clients.  More so, understanding yourself well allows you to understand and communicate better with others leading to my certification in Meyers Briggs Personality Types and being well versed in the DISC assessments. Today, I gladly partner with clients and work through their challenges while offering creative tools and solutions to overcome ideas that have impeded their growth. We all fight daily with similar struggles, and connecting and helping others uncover their happiness is liberating for clients and truly fulfilling for me.  Whether it is working with small businesses to effectively use communication to improve sales, employee morale or by working 1:1 to accomplish your personal or business goals, let’s find your happiness today.


                                  Tammie James


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