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3 Ways to Become Richer (Without Selling One Thing!)

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Here's to "Finding Happiness" in your personal and professional life.

Every Saturday morning I like to wake up before the sun rises and plan my week. I reflect upon the last seven days, days that I will never see again, and consider what I could have done better. Was there a moment wisdom could have been gained or perhaps a moment when I could have made a better decision? More importantly, what can I do this week to challenge myself and make my life richer?

Although money, houses and material things come to mind when you think of riches, developing in these three areas can increase your wealth in far greater ways. Since I am a motivational coach, I too, like to hold myself accountable. I want others to function at their best while I become better by following the same principles I share with them. Which brings me to today's post about becoming richer in three ways.

I'll never forget something I heard recently in a sermon by T.D. Jakes. The wisdom behind the words really stuck with me. He said he'd spoken with a man who said there were three areas he always works to improve: Mentally, Spiritually and Physically. Ever since hearing that sermon I try to develop more in these areas so my life has a deeper impact in the lives of others. Here are a couple of thoughts to reflect upon to make your life richer too.

Challenge yourself mentally!

1. Mentally

Am I being challenged on the job or whatever I am giving myself to? Is my family getting the “best” of me or the “stressed” of me? If so, then why and what can I do to change it for the better?

Man’s ability to learn is infinite, so much so that we don’t even realize how much we can learn! said Ziad Fazah, the world’s greatest living polyglot, spoke a total of 59 languages. As I clear my eyes from glossing over, yes, 59 languages! Truly that is AMAZING but that word sounds so simple knowing Mr. Fazah can express it in 58 more languages!

My point is am I challenging myself to learn something new today? Maybe it’s trying out a new language app and sticking to just 15 mins three times a week. It's an easy enough commitment that will pay off big time once the language is learned. Or registering for a class to learn a new skill or to start school towards a certificate or degree. Something is better than nothing and we can continually learn until the day we close our eyes forever. So what am I doing to learn something that may benefit me, my family or my community today?

I also take this early quiet time to look over my finances and my work/personal life to make sure EVERYTHING is balanced and not just the bank account. I decide on my plan and then make a set of weekly goals and then I DO THEM. Like my previous post, How to Get Unstuck!, we make decisions daily that may not effect us immediately but will have a lasting impact on our lives later. Just think of it this way, we all are going places, with a plan, some people will get there faster while others may not arrive at all.

2. Spiritually

I know religion and spirituality are deeply personal. What do they say, don’t talk about politics and religion without expecting a fight or some issues. So, I will just touch on what keeps me spiritually grounded and makes my life richer.

The questions I consider include: Am I doing all that I can do to show the love of God to others, including family, friends and even strangers? Yes, strangers too, it only take a second to be kind to someone; you never know what that might mean to them. Am I pushing myself past what's uncomfortable so that I can help someone else be their best? Am I being a blessing to someone and hoping they will pass that blessing onto another? Even with Covid, you can still call friends for encouragement, prayer or enjoy a Bible study via Zoom while feeding yourself spiritually. In this digital age, the sky is the limit. It’s just a matter of how you would like to fulfill this important but often overlooked component of your life. I promise you, the more you spend time growing spiritually, the more you will benefit from it.

Get that work out in!

3. Physically

I know, I just had to go there. Ugh! I get it, who has time to work out 7 days a week to match all of the beautiful instagram pics or the Victoria Secret Angels? Girl, I hear ya all the way from over here! I personally wake up at 5a, and wait, let me finish because it’s not what you think. I wake up at 5a and I STILL DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO GET IN MY EXERCISE ON MOST DAYS. Ok, for real though, like I say with my coaching clients….yes, I do have the time to work out but I am not managing my time enough to do it. Ok, now out of coaching mode, I really need more motivation to encourage myself physically. Period. As a nurse, I'd like to say I know better but learning some new information this week added to my motivation.

Can I not get in “something” that will challenge me physically for 20-30 minutes several days a week? My current answer is officially “not really” but here's that extra motivation I just mentioned. I read this week that all of the working from home and sitting because of Covid IS VERY BAD FOR THE BODY. Maybe that is a "duh" for some but it surprised me. Read more about it at BetterHealth,“The Dangers of Sitting: Why Sitting is the New Smoking.” The title alone makes one pause and reflect because you wouldn’t necessarily think that would be the case. Once you finish becoming fearfully inspired, think on the question, "Am I exercising my body as much as I am exercising my mind?" A simple walk after work or after a meal will do since it helps alleviate stress and improves digestion by simply doing what comes natural. Further, we are in our houses ALL the time. It’s nice to unplug from all the electronic devices, go outside and discover nature again. Now, if you’re trying to lose a little of the Covid weight, it will require more discipline, physically and mentally, with some major time management and diet control. I speak from experience, once those pounds have settled in, they aren’t ready to leave anytime soon but you can do it!

Well, good people, I’ll wrap up now because I need to go work out. No, really I do but it’s also a good hop off point before I say too much. It’s a Saturday and I have completed my planning for the week and that’s all that’s know my favorite part, working out. Hah!

Before I go, can I say I've met every one of the goals I've set, physically, mentally and spiritually? Nope, but I am one step closer today than I was yesterday, so that in itself makes my life richer.

Do you want to live a richer, more fulfilling life? Today is a great day to make that decision a reality! Need some help? Click here to shoot me an email or call to arrange a free consultation today.

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