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Want to Get Un-stuck? 4 Tips To Kick Start Your Success

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Here's to "Finding Happiness" in your personal and professional life.

Are you stuck? Frustrated with where you are in life? Or maybe a relationship? What about a position on the job? If you're stuck, it's past time to get "unstuck" and to live life at its best!

One BIG obstacle that can keep you stuck is battling indecision. The pandemic presents that challenge as jobs have been lost, dreams postponed and lives forever changed. However, this can also can be an opportunity to decide on things that you've been stuck on. And whether you want to or not, decisions have to be made. In fact, failing to make a decision is making one; nothing changes and you're still unhappy.

So what do you do? The way to start to get unstuck is to draw the line and make decisions. Here are a couple of suggestions to help get the juices flowing:

1. Know your beliefs and values.

What’s most important to you? Does one option resonate with you more in line with your values than the others? Polonius in Hamlet said “To thine own self be true.” Knowing your values and beliefs is essential to making wise decisions. Not remaining true to your beliefs and who you are will leave you unsettled and dissatisfied with your decision, making you doubt if you did the right thing.

2. Establish your goals.

What’s most important to you? Are you in need of a new relationship? A change in job or ready to go back to school? A decision can’t be made until you’re certain about your priorities and goals. If one choice speaks to you more than another, making a decision becomes much easier. And remember, goals can change with time and from learning new information, so stay flexible but true to your beliefs and values.

3. Set your deadlines.

Give yourself a sufficient amount of time to make a decision and then force yourself to make one. It can be as little as one minute or as long as you determine, but set a reasonable deadline to gather the necessary information needed to make a choice. Remember no decision is a decision, regardless if you put a deadline on it.

4. Get Inspired!

So, there you go! You know your values, established your goals and set your deadlines, all that’s left is to get inspired! Do you know you're WHY? You’ll need that clearly in your mind to motivate you when the challenges come. And they will come. In the end, follow the choice you've made and the word "stuck" will be an afterthought.


Do you struggle making decisions? Progress comes to a halt until a decision is made. Need some help? Send me an email or call to arrange a free consultation today.

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