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DREAM: Leaving the corporate world to start a non-profit and pursue the path of an entrepreneur

STORY: The client was unfulfilled. She had given her all for the last several years in an executive position, yet her feelings were unchanged. The dream of helping others, specifically children, have a better life remained unshaken. With the blessing of her husband and a savings account she'd diligently accrued, she left her stable job in pursuit of her life long dream.

When we met, it had been almost a year and things hadn’t moved along as quickly as she’d planned. Frustrated she hadn’t advanced more and worried about dwindling savings, we began with a simple conversation. She was struggling with doubt, thinking maybe she’d made a mistake in taking such a huge leap of faith, leaving her comfortable job where she was on an upward trajectory towards the C-suite. Discouraged from the stress of finances, uncertainty and the gravity of the entire situation, she was rethinking going back to the comfort zone she'd known for so long, even if it led her right back to the discomfort that caused her to leave it in the first place. We worked tediously for the next three months on identifying limiting beliefs, bolstering weaknesses and utilizing her strengths to accomplish her goals.

SUCCESS: After completing the RING process, she had renewed confidence in her ability to successfully pursue her dream of growing her non-profit and embark on other entrepreneurial pursuits. Her dream of helping others have a better quality of life remained ignited. She pulled in the reigns on negative and self sabotaging thoughts, and remained positive in the pursuit of her heart’s desires. At the end of our sessions, she had successfully established the 501(c)3, established legal and marketing counsels that were budget-friendly, networked extensively with similar non-profits and had visited the developing country where she would start her first international program. 

                                                                                             - Non-Profit Founder / Entrepreneur


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